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VIDI grant for Irene Groot
Irene Groot.jpg

Irene Groot receives Vidi grant: Seeing is believing: Atomic-scale imaging of catalysts under industrial conditions


Selectivity of CO2 reduction in JACS

A paper by Adrien Göttle and Marc Koper studies DFT models for understanding the selectivity of CO2 electroreduction on metal porphyrins, and show the importance of considering hydride intermediates:

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Electrochemical roughening of Pt(111) in Nature Materials
Electrochemical roughening of Pt(111).jpg

Leon Jacbose and Marcel Rost (LION) have used EC-STM to observe the in situ roughening of a Pt(111) electrode in perchloric acid:

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On the road to renewable fuel: interview with Elena Pérez Gallent
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Greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and fertilizers in the groundwater have negative consequences for our environment. With an electrochemical process they can be transformed to more valuable and useful substances like fuel and alcohol. Chemistry PhD candidate Elena Pérez Gallent discovered how this process can be more efficient.

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Steps lowering reactivity in JCP Letters
Füchsel et al.gif

Although stepped surfaces are generally expected to promote bond breaking events, collaborative research of CASC and THEOR shows that the opposite can also be true.

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Cation effects in electrocatalysis in JACS and Angewandte
Cation effects.png

Elena Perez-Gallent and Giulia Marcandalli show cation effects on the selectivity of CO reduction on copper single crystal electrodes; Xiaoting Chen and Ian McCrum show how cation effects explain the anomalous pH dependence of the hydrogen peak on stepped platinum single crystal electrodes:

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Electrochemical synthesis of dimethylcarbonate in JACS
Article JACS Marta Figuereido_2017.jpg

Marta Figueiredo, in collaboration with colleagues from Covestro in Germany, has elucidated the mechanism by which dimethylcarbonate can be formed electrochemically from carbon monoxide and methanol:

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Misconceptions Exposed

Leon Jacobse en Ludo Juurlink hebben met een groep BSc studenten van de opleiding MST twee artikelen gepubliceerd over een bekende chemische demonstratie in the Journal of Chemical Education. Op één van de artikelen is Rick Spierenburg, zelf nog BSc student, zelfs eerste auteur.

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Yuvraj Birdja wins one of the poster prizes at 68th Annual Meeting of ISE in Providence
Yuvraj Birdja.jpg

Yuvraj Birdja was awarded a poster prize at the 68th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry for his poster “The Importance of Cannizzaro-Type Reactions during Electrocatal

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Marc Koper elected as member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Marc Koper is one of the 26 new members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in 2017:

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Mechanism of electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution on platinum in Nature Energy
Nature Energy_March 2017.png

A paper by Isis Ledezma-Yanez, in collaboration with the group of Victor Climent and Juan Feliu at the University of Alicante, discusses the role of interfacial water reorganization during the pH-dependent hydrogen evolution on Pt(111):

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Spectroscopic evidence for CO dimer during CO reduction on copper
Spectroscopic evidence for CO dimer.png

A paper by Elena Perez-Gallent in Angewandte Chemie gives spectroscopic evidence for CO dimerization during electrocatalytic CO reduction on copper electrodes:

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NIOK best PhD Lecture award for Thom Hersbach
Model representations of the changes caused by cathodic corrosion, which were discussed in the presentation.jpg

At the 2017 Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC), Thom Hersbach was awarded with the NIOK best Lecture award.

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Marc Koper awarded the 2017 Faraday Medal

The Electrochemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry has awarded Marc Koper the 2017 Faraday Medal for his “significant contributions to various areas of electrochemistry, ranging from fundamental science to application, including theory and experiments at the highest levels.”

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Cannizzaro and CO2 in JACS
Birdja, YY_JACS.gif

A paper by Yuvraj Birdja on the importance of Cannizzaro reactions during electrocatalytic CO2 reduction:

New oxygen evolution mechanism in Nature Chemistry
Article Nature Chemistry_2017.jpg

A collaborative paper between MIT and our group gives experimental and computational evidence for a new mechanism for oxygen evolution on perovskite electrodes in alkaline media:

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Cathodic corrosion of gold and rhodium on the cover of Faraday Discussions
Hersbach_Faraday Discussions.jpg

A paper by Thom Hersbach features on the cover of the Faraday Discussions issue on “Single Entity Electrochemistry”:

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Computational study of proton-coupled electron transfer in Chemical Science
Article Göttle_Koper.jpg

A paper by Adrien Göttle and Marc Koper in Chemical Science develops a methodology for calculating catalytic proton-coupled electron transfer pathways from first principles:

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Nature Communications.png

In August 2016, papers by Oscar Diaz-Morales, Yi-Fan Huang and Thom Hersbach were published in Nature Communications. For a press release see:

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