Welcome to the Catalysis and Surface Chemistry group

The research aim of the Surface Chemistry and Catalysis group is to probe and understand chemical reactions on well-defined, mostly single crystalline, surfaces at the molecular level. The group combines state-of-the-art experimental setups to study surface catalytic reactions using a variety of spectroscopic techniques, both at the metal-uhv and metal-liquid interface, with computational techniques based on density functional theory and dynamic Monte Carlo simulations. Read more in the research section.

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New oxygen evolution mechanism in Nature Chemistry
Article Nature Chemistry_2017.jpg

A collaborative paper between MIT and our group gives experimental and computational evidence for a new mechanism for oxygen evolution on perovskite electrodes in alkaline media:

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Cathodic corrosion of gold and rhodium on the cover of Faraday Discussions
Hersbach_Faraday Discussions.jpg

A paper by Thom Hersbach features on the cover of the Faraday Discussions issue on ‚ÄúSingle Entity Electrochemistry‚ÄĚ:

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