Welcome to the Catalysis and Surface Chemistry group

The research aim of the Surface Chemistry and Catalysis group is to probe and understand chemical reactions on well-defined, mostly single crystalline, surfaces at the molecular level. The group combines state-of-the-art experimental setups to study surface catalytic reactions using a variety of spectroscopic techniques, both at the metal-uhv and metal-liquid interface, with computational techniques based on density functional theory and dynamic Monte Carlo simulations. Read more in the research section.

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Electrochemical roughening of Pt(111) in Nature Materials
Electrochemical roughening of Pt(111).jpg

Leon Jacbose and Marcel Rost (LION) have used EC-STM to observe the in situ roughening of a Pt(111) electrode in perchloric acid:

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On the road to renewable fuel: interview with Elena Pérez Gallent
Elena Pérez Gallent.JPG

Greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and fertilizers in the groundwater have negative consequences for our environment. With an electrochemical process they can be transformed to more valuable and useful substances like fuel and alcohol. Chemistry PhD candidate Elena Pérez Gallent discovered how this process can be more efficient.

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Steps lowering reactivity in JCP Letters
Füchsel et al.gif

Although stepped surfaces are generally expected to promote bond breaking events, collaborative research of CASC and THEOR shows that the opposite can also be true.

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