Welcome to the Catalysis and Surface Chemistry group

The research aim of the Surface Chemistry and Catalysis group is to probe and understand chemical reactions on well-defined, mostly single crystalline, surfaces at the molecular level. The group combines state-of-the-art experimental setups to study surface catalytic reactions using a variety of spectroscopic techniques, both at the metal-uhv and metal-liquid interface, with computational techniques based on density functional theory and dynamic Monte Carlo simulations. Read more in the research section.

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Boost of Water Electrolysis - Article In Nature Communications

Researchers from Leiden University, Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Technical University of Munich have boosted the efficiency of water electrolysis. They located a layer of copper atoms near the surface of conventional platinum electrodes.

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Water at stepped platinum surface on the cover of PCCP
Manuel Kolb_PCCP article.jpg

A paper by Manuel Kolb on the adsorption of water on the stepped Pt(533) surface features on the cover of PCCP:

Mechanism of oxygen evolution on nickel oxyhydroxide electrodes in JACS and Chemical Science
Article Díaz Morales_Oxygen evolution.jpg

Two papers from the spectro-electrochemical work of Oscar Diaz-Morales on the mechanism of the oxygen evolution reaction on nickel oxyhydroxide electrodes, one in collaboration with the group of Wilson Smith at the TU Delft, have been published in JACS and Chemical Science.

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